Australian Strategic Partnerships


Having established ourselves in our home market, we now focus our attention on a larger market with a strong SME sector as our market of choice


Refers to our mission of adding strategic value to our customers through our software solutions


The nature and quality of relationships we aspire to cultivate with our clients

Strategic Partnership Solutions was one of the pioneer companies in Sri Lanka dedicated to providing Workflow Management and Document Management solutions. Over the last 10 years the company has digitised and continues to manage over 300 business processes for Sri Lankan firms including banks, financial services companies, insurance companies and diversified groups of companies. The name Strategic Partnership Solutions encapsulates the companies mission to add strategic value to its customers, while establishing mutually beneficial relationships or partnerships.

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Our Solutions

We offer our customers a range of products and functions that help improve their business by using technology as a disruptor

Edgevantage travel is a total online destination management platform which allows a DMC to add all inventory items and then combine these to create packages that can be booked by B2B Agents, FIT Agents, booked online and even via partner websites and web-services.

Built-in content management platform.

Generate tariff sheets, and itineraries.

Accounts Receivable entry (AR), and Provision Entry (PR) at the point of invoicing.

AR and PR entries regenerated at the end of the tour.

Bill approval on the system.

Account Payable Entry (AP) at the point of approving payments to suppliers.

Manage credit for all agents and resellers.

Online payments via an internet payment gateway integration.

One key attribute of the system is that it supports both seat-in-a-coach type of transports, and transport costs based on the distance travelled.

While it is the only system that allows transports to be combined for transfers, allowing the DMC to maximise profits.

The Edgevantage workflow platform is Sri Lanka’s most widely used workflow, document management, and decision support platform. Edgevantage adds value to our customers by giving them greater visibility, and control over their processes.

Improve customer service.

Respond faster to customer requests.

Reduce processing costs.

Scan and attach documents to the workflow.

Generate documents which are essential to a process.

Mobile apps to collect data from the field.

Mobile apps to facilitate speedier approvals.

Integrate to core operations and core financial platforms.

Over 50 integrations to global platforms

05 Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka use the platform

10 Australian delivery companies generate proof of delivery on mobiles using the platform

Edgevantage Distribution is a platform that allows a newspaper company or a publishing house to manage orders from different business channels, including agents, street sellers and even subscribers.

Add and edit customer orders.

Facilitate payment and cashiering.

Manage returns.

Generate monthly bills.

Manage deposits.

Late alterations.

The system generates the daily print orders and generate the delivery labels in the route order, facilitating easy and error free delivery of the publications.

Over 25 workflows to manage key processes.

Manage exceptions.

Reseller credit and returns.

Mobile interfaces to obtain time sensitive approvals.

Mobile applications to allow agents to manage orders.

Management dashboards.

From courier services to mail room automation, one of the black box areas is the last mile delivery and customer acceptance. Edgevantage POD gives you visibility across the process of delivery enabling organizations to capture customer acceptance as a proof of delivery. From pictures and customer signatures to scanning of bar codes the system provides a host of relevant methods of capturing proof of delivery.

A cloud based control centre to create manifests and add delivery addresses.

A real-time status panel – where statuses are updated no sooner they are captured in the field.

Ability to track the delivery person or the vehicle on a map interface.

Ability to capture proof of delivery from an Android application on mobile devices.

Signature of the receiver, geo tags and pictures can be delivered as proof of delivery.

If people are the life blood of your business and you provide staff on an outsourced basis to your customers, get a significant strategic advantage over your competitors with Edgevantage people. The system is a complete ERP enabling you to handle your entire business from rostering to employee payments and all in-between. The central dashboard gives you an up-to-date picture of the status of your resources as they clock in and clock out for shifts at customer premises.

Create or upload your shifts.

Immediately transfer the shifts to employees on their Android mobile devices.

Employees can accept or reject the shifts.

Reschedule rejected shifts until all shifts are confirmed.

Track employee clock in and clock our using both time and location as key variables.

Receive alerts if employees are late / early or in the wrong location when they check-in.

Generate employee payroll based on actual time on the job.

Generate customers invoices based on the roster or based on actual time taken.

Integrate to your existing finance package based on web-services.

A customised mobile application to interact with your employee.

Online messaging board.

Case Studies

Here are some of our success stories. Case studies where our solutions have added value and continue to add value to our customers

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Technologies Used

Edgevanatge is web based and cloud compatible, with mobile applications to collect data from the field

Edgevanatge can be run either on Linux or Unix environments – with Cent OS, RedHat Enterprise or Microsoft Windows Servers

Edgevantage is database independent and has been deployed on My SQL / MS SQL and Oracle 11G and 12G databases

There are two front-end options one with HTML 5 and the other with Angular Java Scripts

The system can be accessed using any one of 3 browsers – Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / FireFox

Our Customers

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