About Us

S. P. Solutions (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in 2005 to help Sri Lankan firms improve efficiencies through the use of workflow and document management solutions. We have since then developed and market our own workflow and document management platform eDGEVANTAGE, which is Sri Lanka’s most widely used business process management platform, with over 250 business process automated and in use todate.

In 2016 the AUSIN Group came on board, investing and securing a 49% investment in the company. As part of this effort the company rebranded as Australian Strategic Partnerships and trades under the said name. the company is now also strongly focused on the Australian market.

As a product company, we continue to engage with our clients to create disruptive innovations in their respective industries and help them gain a competitive advantage. The consultancy aspect of the service we provide has largely gone unnoticed since we focus on designing solutions on eDGEVANTAGE, which is the focal point of our endeavors.

However, our solution design and ability to implement these solutions across diverse industries and business verticals have been the corner stone of our success that has enabled us to deploy solutions at 4 banks, 2 insurance companies and several multinational groups of companies as well as at ANCL (Associate Newspapers of Ceylon Limited) ion Sri Lanka. ANCL (Associated News Papers of Ceylon Limited) is our first non-private sector project of which the consultancy is now completed and development is ongoing.

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We have designed and implemented solutions together with our partners Ms. TurboViz of Australia, helping clients in Australia, the Philippines, and Japan to use workflows interfaced with mobile applications to manage delivery and mail-room automation, asset tracking and asset management, compliance and certification of work done.

We have also partnered with Hayleys Business Systems International, in delivering offshoring solutions for Australian business networks to outsource work to Sri Lankan companies providing accounting, legal and other support services.

S. P. Solutions and our lead Business Analyst, Mr. Jehan Bastians was selected as the main consultant by CASL (Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka) in developing a solution and creating a specification document for a total operations management platform for all services provided by CASL to both students and members. This project consisted of visiting 14 different divisions and team within CA, discussing their requirement, assessing existing systems and tools used and creating a solution which was process driven and therefore worked across the institute eliminating duplication of work and silos of information which are hindrances to efficiency and visibility of customer requests and interactions across the organization.

Over the years S. P. Solutions has become the solution designer of choice to private sector companies such as Standard Chartered Bank (Consumer Banking operations with automated CRIB Grading), Union Bank (Consumer Banking Operations and Bank Operations) , Amana Bank (Consumer Banking Operations), Asian Alliance Insurance (Life Insurance + Underwriting without data entry), LOLC General Insurance (Motor Claims – with Mobile applications to capture information and pictures), LOLC Group (Complete Benefit Management workflow), Agro Harpan Lestari – part of the Carsons Group (enterprise wide travel planning and travel management platform used across 4 countries). We are also in the process of delivering a complete circulation management system for ANCL to manage circulation and delivery of all publications for the 3 main channels of business: Agency Sales, Street Sellers and Subscriptions.